Alter Start Salle

La Croix-sur-Lutry, December 2023

« Sur les Chemins de l’intégration documentary and round table. The film featured concrete perspectives on social and professional integration in Switzerland. 

The round table, moderated by Hélène Bayeux, Director of the FPD Foundation and founder of Alter Start, brought together Bashkim Iseni, Délégué à l’intégration (BLI), Sophie Mercier of Théâtre de Vidy, and François de Coulon of Château d’Eclépens. The round-table discussed the need to create a more inclusive ecosystem for the integration of migrants.

Each speaker shared positive initiatives and challenges related to inclusion and diversity for their own structure, underlining the need for collaboration between different stakeholders for successful integration. They shared successful actions, emphasizing that work is the most effective route to integration for migrants. 

Exchanges continued over a delicious cocktail prepared by our talented chefs from Alter Start Food, and we warmly thank all participants for their contribution to an evening dedicated to inclusion and constructive exchanges.