Vocational Training

Skills to build a better future


Provide young underprivileged adults with access to a diversified range of vocational training, and increase their employability
Establish links with local companies to facilitate access to employment



Vocational training prepares beneficiaries for the day-to-day duties that they will be doing in a specific trade, craft, profession, or role. It equips students with practical skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge only.

Vocational training is an important tool for a country’s social and economic advancement; it offers an alternative educational path for youth and adults who wish to grow professionally, and provides qualified manpower needed across all sectors of the economy.


Vocational Training in Rio de Janeiro

Diverse women!

These 3 areas of activities have been determined following an assessment among local women; they correspond to the most popular options and there is considerable local demand for these services.

The training courses last between 3 and 6 months, and are designed and carried out in partnership with local stakeholders that have already implemented similar initiative

Vocational training modules fields:

  • EBakery
  • EBeauty and hairdressing
  • ETextile / fashion recycling

Launched in: 2018
Location: Cantagalo Slum, Rio de Jainero, Brazil
Local Partner: Viva Rio NGO

Hotel & Hospitality Training Center in Bodhgaya

Diverse women!

In collaboration with Agragami India, its local partner, and the EHLsmile Association, a non-profit organization created in 1996 by a group of EHL students (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne), IFPD set up a hotel & hospitality training center, which allows underprivileged youth to access training and employment in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The Bodhgaya Hotel School (TBHS) is a social venture, which re-invests 100% of the profits of its commercial activities to sustain the poverty reduction programs focusing on health and education implemented in the surrounding villages.


The goals of the project are manifold and complementary:

  • EProvide youth with the opportunity to access the labour market and reliable employment;
  • EMeet the needs of hotels and restaurants in Bodhgaya by providing them with a qualified workforce;
  • EProvide responsible tourists with an opportunity to participate actively in the socio-economic development of the area by staying at TBHS.

Launched in: 2017
Location: Bodhgaya, State of Bihar, India
Local Partner: Agragami India
International Partner: EHL Smile

Sewing Workshop & Beauty Parlour in Delhi

Diverse women!

In March 2017, IFPD and its local partner organization Agragami India started sewing and beauty classes for girls and women in Madanpur Khader (MPK), a slum resettlement area in South Delhi.

The overall objective of these classes is to enable girls and women to work from home, or seek work outside home, and earn an income for themselves.


Main aspects of the project:

  • EThe courses last for 6 months, and classes are held daily for 2 hours.
  • EA sewing workshop and a beauty parlour have been set up within the project, where part of the beneficiaries can put their training into practice, and start earning an income.
  • EThe sewing workshop has been used for instance to equip the hotel school in Bodhgaya (bed covers, curtains, etc.)
  • EThe beauty parlour, which also serves for training purposes, welcomes a female clientele.

Launched in: 2017
Location: Madanpur Khader, South Delhi, India
Local Partner: Agragami India