Get Involved

Get Involved for Social Impact : Join IFPD International and Alter Start Programs in Switzerland.Discover rewarding individual and corporate social responsibility opportunities. Volunteer as a coach, offering guidance and support. Engage in hands-on activities, fostering teamwork. Join us today to empower individuals and create lasting community change.Together, we achieve remarkable outcomes.

Volunteer your time

Do you want to support our actions by donating your time? Get in touch with us to learn about how you can volunteer.

Empower Your Teams

Strengthen your social responsibility by partnering with our projects in Nepal, Brazil and/or Switzerland. Support marginalized entrepreneurs through short-term internships, business expertise, equipment provision, and social investments for inclusive model development. 

Make a Donation

The continuous commitment of our donors has allowed us to accomplish our mission for more than 20 years! Donations are tax-deductible.