Diverse women!

In March 2017, IFPD and its local partner organization Agragami India started sewing and beauty classes for girls and women in Madanpur Khader (MPK), a slum resettlement area in South Delhi.

The overall objective of these classes is to enable girls and women to work from home, or seek work outside home, and earn an income for themselves.


Main aspects of the project:

  • EThe courses last for 6 months, and classes are held daily for 2 hours.
  • EA sewing workshop and a beauty parlour have been set up within the project, where part of the beneficiaries can put their training into practice, and start earning an income.
  • EThe sewing workshop has been used for instance to equip the hotel school in Bodhgaya (bed covers, curtains, etc.)
  • EThe beauty parlour, which also serves for training purposes, welcomes a female clientele.

Launched in: 2017
Location: Madanpur Khader, South Delhi, India
Local Partner: Agragami India