Diverse women!

IFPD partnered with the Brazilian NGO Viva Rio to launch a project focusing on women entrepreneurship in the favela of Cantagalo (Rio de Janeiro). The project offers vocational training modules in bakery and hairdressing/beauty. These areas of activities correspond to the most popular options, and there is considerable local demand for these services.


Once training is completed, the project offers two possibilities:

  • EProvide women who are willing to launch their own businesses with the basic skills needed to set up and manage their microenterprises. Once the microenterprises are launched, the project provides support and inputs to help women entrepreneurs develop and sustain their activities.
  • EFor those women who do not wish to launch a business by themselves but prefer to access the job market, the project creates links with local employers.

Launched in: 2018
Location: Cantagalo Slum, Rio de Jainero, Brazil
Local Partner: Viva Rio NGO