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The education program in Bodhgaya focuses on setting up and managing Children’s Activity Centers (CACs) in the project area.

To sustain the CACs it in the long run, IFPD and Agragami have started to partner with governmental schools, and to run CACs within school premises so that all children coming to school can take advantage of the facilities of the CACs.

The activities at the CACs are manifold:

  • ECACs allow children aged between 5 and 14 years to develop their reading skills, imagination and self-expression.
  • EFacilitators at the CACs play an important role by inviting children to read aloud, to enact or tell the stories they particularly liked, and to draw and make craft items related to these stories.
  • ECACs also provide inputs to children regarding personal hygiene, and organize outdoor games as well as parent meetings.

Launched in: 2015
Location: Bodhgaya, State of Bihar, India
Local Partner: Agragami India